How I learned to stop worrying and love...facebook commenting!

Some months ago, after being inundated with thousands of SPAM comments from what seemed like all corners of the internet, we decided to screen every single comment that came into the site. Unfortunately, this left many comments sitting in a queue for a number of days (our bad!), if they were even published at all. After much deliberation, and more than a healthy amount of pussyfooting and dilly-dallying, we've decided to switch over our commenting system entirely to facebook.

Although we had many loyal friends and followers that tolerated the delays and the quirks of our existing registration system (thanks!), we decided that it made more sense to allow people to leverage their existing facebook account to comment on our blogs, reviews, etc. Hopefully, this will lead to more activity on the comment front, and eliminate the need for excessive and often painfully slow moderation.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to shoot us a line at info[at] Thanks again for continuing to support the little horror site that could and we look forward to sharing all manner of awesomeness with you in the coming year!


Co-Owner/Web Developer/Podcast Co-Host/Beard Wizard

Mark is the Co-Owner/Web Developer/Podcast Co-Host/Beard Wizard of Bloody Good Horror. When he's not casting spells in Magic or Hearthstone, he's watching wrestling and sampling Chicago's many beers and meats.

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