Horror Gaming: "The Walking Dead" Episode 2 released this week

With all the news released from E3, it's been a good month for gaming, & it just got a little better: Episode 2 of the Walking Dead game is being released THIS WEEK!

The Walking Dead was initially a comic book, then cable channel AMC adapted the story for TV, where it became a massive hit for the network. The deep story telling found in the series translated well to gaming format, and was a nice breath of fresh air for gamers drowning in a sea of button-mashing zombie games.

The first episode in a 5 episode series by Telltale Games, A New Day, was very well received, and gamers have been chomping at the brains, er, bits to play Episode 2: Starving for Help. The release dates for the available platforms are as follows:

* June 27th - Xbox Live (US & International)
* June 29th - PC (US & International), Playstation Network (US Only)

If you missed the E3 coverage, here's the video of IGN's Anthony Gallegos interviewing Richard Iggo, the Sr Director of Marketing at Telltale Games, complete with game play and a synopsis of episode 2!

“Picking up three months after the events of the first game, Lee’s group has grown by one but his problems have grown exponentially. It’s winter, the group is nearly out of food, and people are turning on each other.

All of this weighs on us as players in two specific ways — brutality and choice. The opening of the game is Lee slamming his axe into a walker’s skull, and within minutes, we’re treated to the most grotesque moment of the Walking Dead game so far.

That Ghoul Eva


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