Heavy Metal Video Updates!

And how else could lead this synopsis of video goodness except Iron Maiden? Here's a look at "Wicker Man" from their new tour DVD "En Vivo!" It's Maiden. You know the drill.

We continue today's smattering of video updates with Carved Records' up and coming band, HURT! For those who find it interesting, there's also a "behind the video" for the video, detailing the band and the making of. Check it!

Girl power rock band "Cherri Bomb" released this video of them performing their upcoming single "Shake the Ground" from the "Avengers" soundtrack. Look for that May 1st, take in an account of the eye candy and get ready for the movie event of the summer! Not much more you could ask for. You can go to their website for a free download and more information.

The DZ Deathrays released a new album trailer for their upcoming album. It's pretty simple, pretty effective, and prominently features pretty cool masks.

And for those still with us, Jethro Tull is releasing "Thick as a Brick 2." Yep, the truth. Every word of it.


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