Heavy Metal News Updates!

-Hey Godsmack fans! In anticipation of the impending release of "The Oracle," Godsmack will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live for a mini outdoor concert on May 5th! It's free on broadcast television, so if you can't get to LA, you can always tune in.

-After much buildup, the BlackDiamondSkye tour has been announced, complete with American tour dates. For those not in the know, it's a triple bill with Alice in Chains, the Deftones and Mastodon.

-The Sword have a title and release date for their 2010 album. Expect "Warp Riders" to drop on August 24. The album leaves behind the shackles of viking lore and is evidently a story about travelers in space! Bring it on!

-New clip from the upcoming documentary about the Stooges album "Raw Power." Really interesting stuff. And don't worry, Iggy's not unhealthy, he's always looked like that. Who knew the band's reaction to Bowie was so mixed?

-Do you like Linkin Park? I sure don't, but I do like video games! Anyway, Linkin Park is part of the release of a new iPhone/iPad/iPod app known as "Linkin Park 8-bit Rebellion." You careen through six levels (which the band members had a big hand in designing,) and upon completion unlock a song that Linkin Park recorded specifically for the app. I'm not gadget guy, so someone will have to pony up and let me know how playable this is.

-Bit of a non-sequitur, but an interesting note nonetheless. Capitalizing on the recent trend of bands performing or releasing whole albums, The Rolling Stones are following suit. "Exile on Main Street Deluxe Edition" will be released May 18th, complete with no less than ten new tracks and some alternate versions.


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