"Halloween" in 30 seconds re-enacted by bunnies!

The 30-Second Remakes by Bunnies internet meme is all grown up, with "seasons" on NetFlix Instant and everything. (Remember, folks - sign up for NetFlix through us!) The question remains...can they do a better Halloween remake than goth-rocker turned Hollywood egomaniac Rob Zombie? Even further, can the Bunnies do a Halloween reboot that the BGH crew will like?
I think they can!

I get reminded about the Bunnies and go through their new efforts every few months, and it's usually rewarding - especially the horror episodes. The way the good episodes capture the essence of a movie in a few brief scenes can be great to watch. They've done "Hellraiser", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", and even "30 Days of Night" - each worth your 30 seconds. Make sure you've watched the films first, as these remakes go through the whole film and will spoil any twists!
You can see some on YouTube on the Minisode Network's channelhref> - but some of the recent episodes, like this Halloween one, aren't up there.



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