Goodnight, Sweet Prince (WHOOOO!)

In his last RAW as active wrestler, Ric Flair proves why there will never be another "Jet flyin', limousine ridin', wheelin' dealin' son of a gun," quite like him. It's obvious his best days in the ring are far behind him but in terms of personality and what he stands for, he's one of a kind.

It's crazy to imagine in an industry that leaves most of its participants dead by their 50's, a 60+ year old man is still, until this Sunday at Wrestlemania most likely, not only actively wrestling but wrestling a full shedule. I'll be damned if Ric Flair isn't certifiably nuts but I for one will miss his in-ring performances a great deal. If HorrorHound wasn't going to be so damn fun, I'd be really pissed that I'm not able to watch this live on PPV.


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