Gaming: Simon Pegg supports a "Shaun of the Dead' L4D Mod!

Simon Pegg. His name has reached an almost God-like status in the Zombie-phile crowds; just whispering it makes chills go down your spine. He starred in some of the best & funniest films of this century, including a zombie flick called 'Shaun of the Dead' - you might have heard of it. It's become insanely popular, even though it's a British Film, and they spell 'Shawn' funny. I've seen 'Sean', but 'Shaun'? Come on.

Anyways, it's pretty safe to say that if Simon Pegg thinks your project is cool, it's pretty much destined for great things. Such is the case for a fan-made mod for the popular Online Multiplayer game, 'Left 4 Dead', where groups of people either play as the Survivors, and try to get to safe zones at the end of the maps, or as Infected, who join the large masses of fast, mindless zombies trying to stop them. Actually... that could also pass as a description of the local shopping mall around Christmas time.

The great thing about games like 'Left 4 Dead' (commonly abbreviated as L4D) are that players (called 'Modders') can create their own campaigns & levels for others to play. One modder even came up with a doozy of an idea: The "Left 4 Winchester" campaign, which would bring locations from the cult movie to life, including Shaun's Pad, Mum's House, Liz's Flat, & the Winchester into the game, & use them as the basis of scenarios within the game.

The mod was in development back in 2008 but a range of issues including time, money, and loss of staff kept it from being completed. However, if it went farther, it most likely would have run into copyright issues. But recently, during a discussion on twitter (see? It IS good for something!), Simon Pegg Himself (insert the sound of angels here) chimed in and called the project 'awesome' & offered to help them overcome the copyright issues. With backing like that, I think this awesome idea of a mod will finally get the modder help it needs to become a reality.

Maybe YOU can help. No, not you. Or you. No, over to the left - yes, YOU!!! If you think you have the skills to bring this mod to life, want to offer help in other ways (perhaps in monetary way) or you simply want to offer encouragement, head over to the Left4Winchester site, or follow @Left4Winchester on twitter.

And for those of you that don't have a CLUE what we're talking about, here's some footage from the Left4Dead game. Left4Dead & Left4Dead 2 can both be purchased & downloaded from Steam.

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