Gaming: Bioshock's Fan Made Movie "The Brother's Rapture"

If you're a gamer, no doubt you've at least heard of the absolutely kickass game "Bioshock" from 2K Games and its underwater, fallen utopia of madness, Rapture. You might even be playing the 3rd release in the series, Bioshock Infinite, right now (Well, not right NOW. Right now you're reading my blog, and quite frankly, that's more important than most anything.) Bioshock remains in most gamer's favorite games list because of its creepy, disturbing atmosphere and subject matter, highly interactive environment, engaging characters and replayability value. Don't be ashamed to admit you jumped the first time a Splicer came screaming out of the dark - or perhaps you needed some new underwear after your first experience with a Big Daddy. I think we all did.

Some fans can't get enough of Rapture, and the game only tells part of the tragic story. Before the underwater city of Rapture collapsed beneath itself and Splicers roamed its flooded halls, men and women thrived as they explored beyond the limits of their creative and scientific achievements. But who were they before their society crumbled around them? What was life like BEFORE the fall of Rapture? What went so wrong for its enlightened citizens? Was Rapture the paradise they had set out to create? Or Hell itself? Thanks to the imagination of some great fans, we get to glimpse at life as it may have been for a pair of new citizens, where opportunity & pursuits of happiness had no limits. Or so it seemed.

Thanks to support from fans & donations via IndieGoGo (a service similar to Kickstarter), Writer/director Shaun Rykiss, producer Trevor Lareau and actors Nicolas Taggart, Jonathan Alexander, and Jake Croker have created an amazing live-action (not Machinima) fan film titled "The Brothers Rapture". Within the film, we are introduced to Rapture's latest new arrivals, Brothers Charles and Arthur, both whom are overjoyed at the new lives before them, only to later realize the true cost of art and power without boundaries.

While the complete short film isn't set to be released until May 13th, the trailer alone shows us what an amazing project this turned out to be. There was a tremendous effort put forth by all involved; from the script, to costuming, prop creation and more, these guys managed to create more atmosphere & show more creativity on a shoestring budget than most blockbuster releases. Hopefully, we'll seem more projects from this team in the future, so be sure to check out the trailer for "The Brothers Rapture" and The Brothers Rapture Facebook Page for more information, and let them know what you think - without the support and feedback of fans, projects like this can't exist. We'll be sure to update you on the full release as soon as it's available.

And if you haven't played Bioshock, I'll refrain from insulting your pathetic attempts to call yourself a gamer and simply point you to Steam(the game is also available on Xbox 360 and the PS3 and can be picked up for less than $19.99 new at most stores. Or buy it used on Ebay!) There's really no excuse NOT to play this game, even for the most casual gamers. It's THAT good. I heard it also makes you more attractive and gets you invited to parties, but that's still unconfirmed.

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