Game: "Hobo with a Shotgun"

It's nothing new to see a video game released to accompany a major movie premiere. Granted, most of them suck and are nothing more than quick cash ins, but it's still not a new concept. However, you never see this on an indie level. So of course, with us being both movie enthusiasts AND gaming nerds, when we heard the director of Hobo with a Shotgun, Jason Eisener was teaming up with Mondo, the Alamo Drafthouse, Magnet Releasing and GameSalad to make a tie-in video game exclusively for Apple's App Store, we were pretty interested. Really, what better way to promote an indie film than with an inexpensive game that's easily available...especially if it's good?

This project is the direct result of the first ever Indie Gaming Festival that was held during last year's Fantastic Fest, the #1 genre film festival in the U.S., and we can expect many more collaborations between indie gamers and filmmakers in the future.

So is it good? Well I think so! However, even before I played it, I could tell just by watching the trailer and viewing the screenshots that I would like this. This isn't some quick port of the latest flavor of the month - this is an old school style game. I was instantly reminded of an old favorite, Double Dragon. I routinely pissed away my entire allowance on side scrollers like this back in the 80s. So if you're intersted, you can download it from the iTunes store for $2.99, and join users in cleaning the streets, "one bullet at a time", in true, happy homeless vigilante fashion.

Watch Hobo with a Shotgun On Demand Everywhere April 1st and In Theaters May 6th.

About Hobo with a Shotgun

A train pulls into the station - it's the end of the line. A Hobo jumps from a freight car, hoping for a fresh start in a new city. Instead, he finds himself trapped in an urban hell. This is a world where criminals rule the streets and Drake, the city's crime boss, reigns supreme alongside his sadistic murderous sons, Slick & Ivan. Amidst the chaos, the Hobo comes across a pawn shop window displaying a second hand lawn mower. He dreams of making the city a beautiful place and starting a new life for himself. But as the brutality continues to rage around him, he notices a shotgun hanging above the lawn mower... Quickly, he realizes the only way to make a difference in this town is with that gun in his hand and two shells in its chamber. Get all the movie information here.

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