Fright-Rags in (My) Local Paper

According to National Geographic, this year is the first in 11 to have two consecutive months where the 13th day of the month falls on a Friday. Although I doubt the people behind the maligned "Friday the 13th" remake thought of this when they picked 2009 for the remake, it certainly provides a convenient excuse to keep the date on people's minds. That being said, it also gave the paper that I work for a convenient reason to finally post their interview with Ben Scrivens, our buddy and the owner/operator of Fright-Rags, even though the article was printed a month ago for the F13 issue of the Rochester Insider. It has been nearly a year since Ben gave up his full time job to dedicate all of his time to his horror t-shirt company, and we here at Bloody Good Horror couldn't be happier for the man's success!

I'll be swinging by Fright-Rags HQ sometime between now and Horror Hound Weekend, so keep a lookout for that, and until then, buy some shit from Ben will ya!


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