Easter Bunny: Kill!Kill!

I learned about this dark little indie horror film from a friend on twitter. Obviously, as a Connoisseur of Crap, the title grabbed my attention immediately, and since it's available through Netflix, I immediately added it.

When a single mom (Charlotte Marie) leaves her special-needs son, Nicholas (Ricardo Gray), in the care of her new beau (Timothy Muskatell) -- a scumbag hiding behind a guise of trustworthiness -- he not only torments the boy but sells him to a pedophile pal. Next thing you know, an avenging killer dressed as the Easter Bunny hunts down Nick's abusers and makes them pay a grisly price. This indie shocker puts a creepy new kink in the horror genre.

Yeah - it's not really a cheery, happy holiday movie, and from the synopsis, I thought it would probably be a low budget demented exploitation flick. Surprisingly, I found myself watching an extremely gory and dark, antihero slasher flick. And, although the low budget production and acting may turn some off, I actually was pleasantly surprised with this one. Check it out.

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