Download Old Podcast Episodes w/ BGH Classic!

Since the dawn of recorded sound, man has yearned for insightful and humorous horror commentary. In the early days the phonograph gave way to radio, radio gave way to the internet, which eventually gave way to the smallest, yet most powerful force the aural world has ever known... The MP3. Voices rose from the masses, voices with ideas -- "Down with Remakes, Up with French Horror, Champion the Small Wonders!"

One small voice in that overwhelming din was that of Bloody Good Horror. A small, scrappy, but determined legion of fan-commentators, The Bloody Good Horror crew was born in 2007 and has grown in both size and wisdom (but mostly in size). Over the years the crew waxed philosophic on many films and many topics, but sadly, most of that brilliant commentary had been lost to the ether. Until now!

Hark, the birth of BGH Classic, an archive of classic episodes of Bloody Good Horror's weekly podcast. Available for download today -- YES, today! -- from our podcast host Podomatic for a mere .99 cents per episode, BGH Classic will once again make available the collected knowledge and sagacious insights of Bloody Good Horror.

Fans will now be able to download BGH Classic episodes directly to their computer, using only two simple steps:

1. Create a Podomatic Login. All it takes is an email address. They are good people and will not spam you... unless you're into that kind of thing.

2. Visit the BGH Classic page and find the episodes you've been longing for! Not every back episode is currently available for download, but if sales of Classic ep's do well enough, we're hoping to one day make every golden nugget of wisdom available to the masses once again.

The crew of Bloody Good Horror is also proud to unveil the BGH Store at Now you can clothe yourself and your kin in the finest BGH-related swag. Be the hippest cat in your town with a BGH T-shirt, or biggest hotshot in your office with a BGH mug. You can never have too much BGH related gear, which is why you can also support the crew with a customized skateboard deck. More items coming soon!

And lastly, we promise to continue bringing you new episodes of the most enjoyable horror podcast in the history of the world, every week, FOR FREE. As always, we appreciate the time you've spent with us and all the support. We couldn't do it without you weirdos.

Stay classy,
The BGH Crew

Jon Schnaars

Writer/Podcast Co-Host/Business Guy

If you have questions about doing business with BGH, this is the man to speak with. Jon also enjoys the fancier things, like monocles and silent-era horror films.