Cronenberg to remake "The Fly"

News came yesterday that David Cronenberg is said to be returning to his masterpiece "The Fly" in hopes of remaking it. Many websites are comparing Cronenberg's remake of "The Fly" to Haneke's remake of his own "Funny Games," but even then, Haneke was remaking his film so that it would reach a larger audience. What interests me the most about this news is that Cronenberg just directed "The Fly" as an opera, which seems odd to me that he would want to return to it again in film.

I've included a vignette from the opera above, they even have the arm wrestling scene!

Another puzzling thing is that while "The Fly" is seen as Cronenberg's most popular work, he has a lot of other films that would seem more in need of an update. I'm having a hard time trying to imagine someone else as Brundle besides my beloved Jeff Goldblum. He's just weird enough to pull off bug and I still wouldn't mind giving him a cuddle.



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