An Interview With Notcum

Attentive readers have heard Chris and I talk a lot this year about the preponderance of retro metal bands channeling dark blues into the metal furnace. One of the movement's vanguard, and one of the bands who really gets it, is Noctum. Here to explain himself, his band and their release "Final Sacrifice," is drummer Fredrik Jansson.
M.DREW: Walk me through the concept of “Final Sacrifice.” What’s the album’s story?
FREDRIK JANSSON: It's a fictional horror story. Our bass player Tobias had the story rolling around in his head for a year or two before it was done. The lyrics, the music and the artwork is tied together and that's all I will tell you about it. People have to listen for themselves and make up their own mind of what it’s about.

Album Review: Noctum - Final Sacrifice

When I take a step back and try to figure out what's going on in the world of metal these days, two radically divergent things become apparent. There's a schism going on, with a set of bands trying to move us forward into whatever god-forsaken trend is going to take over the world next, while another set is trying to move us backwards to a time when music was simpler. I tend to cast my lot with this latter group, the bands that ache for a time when 'studio magic' meant making people believe a warlock was helping you record, not a computer playing your parts for you.

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