Folk Metal Heroes: Talking To Korpiklaani

Korpiklaani has been leading the growing charge of folk metal bands for a decade, establishing themselves as one of the most important bands blending diverse influences into the world of metal. Their new album, “Manala”, continues to see the band honing their sound, culminating in an album that may turn out to be their defining moment. Fresh off the release, frontman Jonne Järvelä took the time to answer a few questions.
Labels are often forced upon bands by the press. How would you describe Korpiklaani to someone who isn't familiar with your music?
Korpiklaani is folk metal band and we are proud of the fact, that this is pure folk metal. We are using authentic folk instruments, like fiddle, accordion hurdy gurdy and flutes. Not trying to do it easy way using synthesizer. Our lyrics are about Finnish mythology, nature, drinking, women and other things, which are close to our hearts.

Album Review: Korpiklaani - Manala

Among the dozens of factors that can impact the effect music has on us, geography cannot be ignored. Whether its the pull of a hometown act, or the joy in discovering music you love that comes from a world away, it does matter where the music we listen to comes from. Often, the music is indistinguishable enough that its a trivial factor that gets lost amid the more important details, but there are times when the origin of the music is intrinsic to not only how we hear it, but to what it is at all.

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