henry rollins

Did "Twilight" and its mopey tween vampires not quite get your blood pumping? Need some more cred when it comes to your fangs and creatures of the night? Then take a look at the new trailer for "Suck", a vampire spoof.

In the film, Malcolm McDowell (“Lost,” A Clockwork Orange, etc.) plays Eddie Van Helsing, a modern day version of Bram Stoker’s infamous Dracula hunter, who is trying to track down vampire rock band The Winners. Kinda reminds me of a certain Aaliyah-starring flick.

Henry Rollins is a man possessed. Of that there is little doubt. The man could have well earned the label of “hardest working man in show-biz,” if it weren’t already taken. Rollins continually strives to do more and more, to make more of himself, to produce more material for his tours, his radio show, his acting career, what have you. He works himself into exhaustion, and asks for little else except the chance to work some more.