DVD Bargain Bin

Here's two things I love; Troma Studios and Bigfoot! Get the two combined together in Bob Gray's "Bigfoot"? Hey, why not! While your first expectation out of such a team up would be crazy amounts of blood and guts, you might be disappointed. It's not quite as gory as one would hope.

You freaking loved this movie when Uwe Boll directed it, right? Okay, that was a bit cruel, but Alone in the Dark II does have some B-Movie talent in it including Bill Mosely and Danny Trejo!

We hit "Orphan" with both barrels back in Episode 83 of the BGH Podcast. While opinions were mixed some, including myself, thought this was a pretty good flick for what it was. If nothing else, you owe yourself a rental just so you can make up your own mind.

Okay, not to sound uppity here but if you don't know what "American Werewolf in London" is all about? You need to get on that. That's a minus from your cool points. For this Full Moon Edition, we have a nifty transfer for both DVD and Blu-Ray. Also included are over 100 minutes of extras including retrospectives, making of vignettes on Baker's werewolf, and lots of John Landis wisecracks.

"Supernatural Season 4" hits shelves today, bringing the fan's collections almost to completion. The series is a big hit with the horror fans so here you go.

Everybody's favorite serial killer is back with the release of "Dexter: Season 3" on DVD and Blu-ray! For those of you playing along at home, you already know that this was a pretty damn good season. With the addition of Jimmy Smits we got some good turns as Dexter struggled with the idea of friendship and trust, all to expectedly explosive results.

Jason's life is pretty bleak these days. His girlfriend has left him and it has left him pretty crushed. In Dark Rising, his day as about to go from bad to worse when his attempts to win her back turn into a series of portal jumping demon hunts! Wait a minute...did somebody sneak a romantic comedy in here?

There's not to many genre fans that I know that don't love Gilliam's 12 Monkeys. A great little mind twist of an apocalyptic film. Now being re-released on Blu-ray, we get to see the movie in high def glory and full digital surround. Should be an easy catalog title for the Blu-ray owners out there.