cult classic

5 podcasters enter... only one leaves...

Roddy Piper stars as Sam Hell in this cult classic about a prisoner who is forced to rescue a harem of virgins from an evil community of walking, talking mutant frogs. You see, Mr. Piper is one of the last fertile men in the world, (a result of biological warfare, natch) and he is forced by the largely female populated government to rescue these women and impregnate them so they can carry on the almost extinct human race. And if he wanted to escape? The women have strapped a bomb to his crotch so he can't go more than 100 feet away from the guard assigned to help him with his mission.

We review Don Coscarelli's 1979 low budget gem "Phantasm", and uncover some strange new ideas about the film along the way.

We tune up our axes and duel over this late 90's cult classic.

The entire crew gets Freaked and Louis Fowler has a bone to pick with the show.

Basket Case puts a smile on our faces, and Mark makes us all uncomfortable with the Google report.

We do our damndest to understand what's going on in Clive Barker's "Nightbreed", and a friend of ours calls in with some bad news.

The crew tackles the 1984 cult classic "C.H.U.D."