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Troll Hunter

The votes have been tallied and the collective voice of Bloody Good Horror is ready to rule on the films that defined quality in 2011. We've been counting down each of our personal choices of the best and worst of the year for the last two weeks, and now we're ready to unleash the combined wisdom and love of horror on the world.

Attack the Block

Jon drops in with the final staff "best of" list. Tomorrow, the list to end all lists -- for 2011, anyway!

The Best

10. Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil
Easily the funniest horror comedy in years, "Tucker & Dale" succeeded by deconstructing the hilly-billy sub-genre as adeptly as humanly possible.

9. We Need to Talk About Kevin

I Saw the Devil

John Shelton takes us into the homestretch of the BGH 2011 countdown with a look at his favorites of the year.

The Best

1. Attack the Block - Take "The Monster Squad," remake it in the style of early John Carpenter and set it in an inner city London plagued by terrifying muppet monsters and you get the most fun and exhilarating horror movie in years.


Tor's top films of 2011 come with an eclectic, international flavor.

The Best

Hobo With a Shotgun

The highlight train keeps chugging, with Erin's list for the best films of 2011: both horror and not.

The Best Horror

Chillerama - This was awesome. Most people my age missed the golden age of Drive Thru Horror Shlock, and this was the highlight of the year for B-movie fans.

Paranormal Activity 3

We kick off week two of BGH's countdown of the best in 2011 with Mark's take.

The Best

1. Attack the Block - "Attack the Block" is a near-perfect example of earnestly executing on a simple, fun premise, and is one of the few films I've seen for the podcast that earns my unconditional recommendation. Cheggit, dis flick is an instant classic, believe.

Stake Land

The list-stravaganza beat rolls on, with Angelo offering up his favorites from 2011, as we make our way to the official Bloody Good Horror Best of 2011 compilation.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

With the BGH crew's final best of 2011 list creeping ever closer, Casey drops in to illuminate us on his picks for best of the year that was.

The Best

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 - Sure, “Harry Potter” was written for kids, but the filmmakers did a great job of finishing this franchise up in truly epic fashion. And they kept it nice and dark as well. No pulling punches for the kiddies in this flick!

Take Shelter

Leading up the unveiling of the official BGH Top Ten of 2011, we're rolling out every BGH contributor's picks for best of the year. Next up is Carly!

The Best

10. Scream 4 - I think the only reason I liked this one so much is because I expected to absolutely hate it. The best of the series other than the original, "Scream 4" is supremely self-aware and character driven, while never taking itself too seriously.

Troll Hunter

We keep counting them down to the launch of the official BGH Best of 2011 list. Joe lets us know how he sees it.

The Best

1. Troll Hunter - This movie pretty much made me question everything I ever thought was right. A foreign film with subtitles that I loved. Up is down, black