Brazilian TV Ghost Prank Goes Viral

Let it be said that I have quite overactive imagination. While I don't typically get scared of horror movies too much anymore, I am terrified that the things I watch on TV and the movies will somehow happen to me in day to day life. While this is probably the root of some deep seeded anxiety issue, I just like to think of it as a cute little quirk, so let's just go with that. That being said, I love watching shows like "Scare Tactics" that set out to prank the living daylights out of unsuspecting victims. Because it's funny, as long as it's not happening to me, you know? So needless to say, when a Brazilian TV show's prank went viral, I checked it out, laughed at the victims and then immediately thought to myself: "I hope this never happens to me." The Brazilian variety show Programa Silvio Santos aired the below prank, which featured passengers on a glitchy elevator when the power goes out. But things get creepier. This is pretty great:



I like horror movies. That is all.

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