Blood-Powered Batteries are Real, Scary

With the economy going down the tubes and no end in sight for ideological wars that will define this generation, at least we don't have to worry about cyborgs, right? Wrong! Recently, researches from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver revealed a tiny little battery that draws power from human blood, for use in medical devices and Jason Statham blockbusters:

The batteries are designed for use in pacemakers and other implantable medical devices. A small colony of yeast lives inside each battery, and this living core of the fuel cell can draw energy from glucose (sugar) in blood flowing around it.

Usually, Eric is the soothsayer of an Orwellian future on Bloody Good Horror, but I can't help but picture my eventual grandchildren having radio signals from the government piped into the blood-battery powered radios embedded in their heads. Until then, hopefully we can get some decent horror flicks that reference existing technology instead of purely making shit up. Actually, nevermind, I kind of like make-believe better.

Batteries That Feed on Blood


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