BGH Bookclub - "The Troop," by Nick Cutter

Alright! The bookclub is back in action...even in our post Halloween stupor. Let's get spooky again with Nick Cutter's, "The Troop."
"Once every year, Scoutmaster Tim Riggs leads a troop of boys into the Canadian wilderness for a weekend camping trip—a tradition as comforting and reliable as a good ghost story around a roaring bonfire. The boys are a tight-knit crew. There’s Kent, one of the most popular kids in school; Ephraim and Max, also well liked and easygoing; then there’s Newt the nerd and Shelley the odd duck. For the most part, they all get along and are happy to be there—which makes Scoutmaster Tim’s job a little easier. But for some reason, he can’t shake the feeling that something strange is in the air this year. Something waiting in the darkness. Something wicked…"

Reading Schedule: 

 1) Week of 11/9: Part I "The Hungry Man", Chapters 1-16
  • Discussion of Section 1: 11/15, discussion begins at 12pm/EST at the BGH subreddit
2) Week of 11/15: Part II "Infestation," Chapters 17-33
  • Discussion of Section 2: 11/22, discussion begins at 12pm/EST at the BGH subreddit
3) Week of 11/22: Part III "Contagion," Chapters 34-50
  • Discussion of Section 3: 11/29, discussion begins at 12pm/EST at the BGH subreddit


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