American Horror Story: Spooky Little Girl (Episode 9)

Just when I think that I've had enough "American Horror Story" shenanigans, something happens that knocks me down and drags me back in, as is the case with this week's episode. If you haven't yet watched this week's episode, go do that now, because there are spoilers ahead. This episode was full of ghostly sexual advances, a few new murders to add to the infamous murder house and an antichrist baby. But it was really the second half of the hour long episode that answered a bunch of questions and hooked me back in.

So, what worked for me in this week's episode?

Tate and Vivien's baby will apparently be the antichrist. We know this because Constance's psychic friend told us a story with imagery involving the pope stating that if the dead ever conceive a baby with the living, it will be the antichrist and therefore fuel the start of the apocalypse. I supposed this isn't really unexpected, seeing as how the only thing we know about the baby is that a nurse fainted when she saw its pig hooves in the sonogram. So the birth of the demon baby will not just affect the Harmon family and their neighbors but the whole world you say? While I'm not so sure this will work as an actual continuing plot line, I am pretty excited to see how it plays out.

Ben finally saw the old Moira. Finally. Ben really resisted temptation in this episode. He resisted Moira. He resisted Elizabeth. He resisted Hayden. He resisted both Moira and Elizabeth at the same time. And even though he was the one who put Vivien in the mental ward, he is starting to come to terms with the fact that Vivien is not crazy and that she may have actually been raped by Rubber Man. What really worked for me here was the look on his face when he saw Moira's "true identity." I can't wait to see where this new realization leads in the episodes to come. It will be nice to have another "enlightened" individual in the household.

Mena Suvari as the Black Dahlia. I don't really have much to say about this because I don't really think the house needs any more ghosts at this point but I do like that she is being offered work other than those American Pie movies. However, I do like the fact that the writers incorporate real life crime stories into the fictional story lines. It's a nice touch.



I like horror movies. That is all.

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