American Horror Story: Smoldering Children (Episode 10)

What an episode this week! There was a murder investigation with Constance as the prime suspect, more backstory on how Larry Harvey got those scars and one heck of a big reveal surrounding one of our main characters. I must admit, I hold a special place in my heart for this episode, because the director of this week's episode is none other than Michael Lehmann, who also directed my all time favorite movie,"Heathers"! I don't really think this needs to be said, but if you have yet to watch episode ten, stop now because this discussion contains spoilers!

This week's episode confirms what many fans of the show have been speculating for a while now: Violet Harmon is in fact, dead. Even though I saw this coming for a few weeks now, the scene where Taissa Farmiga sees her dead body was such an emotionally raw scene. The reveal of her dead body, rotting under the floor boards was certainly horrific, but I almost found it much more disturbing that Tate was the one responsible for Larry's horribly burned face. The fact that he marched right into his office and lit him ablaze is quite simply, terrifying. The link between Larry's scarred face and his own family's fiery death always seemed to go hand in hand, so I never even thought to question it. Damn you, "American Horror STory" writers, you got me again!

Here's a behind the scenes look at what went on during the casting process for "American Horror Story":



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