American Horror Story: Piggy, Piggy (Episode 6)

Despite this week's episode being chock full of school shootings, a suicide attempt and brain eating, it was actually kind of boring in comparison to the last few episodes. In episode six we get to see Tate shoot up the library, Violet finally uses the internet to research Tate and his past, and Eric Stonestreet (Cam from "Modern Family") guest stars as one of Ben's patients who is terrified of urban legends.

Here's the recap:

There isn't much that struck me about this episode, other than the main plot point of pigs, pigs and more pigs so let's get into that. We'll start with the obvious, being that the episodes title is "Piggy, Piggy." There's a whole lotta pigs in this episode. Eric Stonestreet makes an appearance as Derek, a man who is deathly afraid of an urban legend about the Piggy Man, a killer who wears a pig mask and appears in mirrors a la Bloody Mary. And then there's the fact that Constance and Moira are feeding Vivien all sorts of delicious pig parts because (obviously) they're good for the baby! Cooked thymus glands, raw pancreas, and oh yes, a brain that was apparently very tasty, as Vivien downed the whole thing without much more than a dash of pepper. Why are they feeding her pig parts you ask? Not a clue. Maybe it's some sort of demon baby delicacy? Then there's Vivien's meeting with Angie about what was seen in her sonogram. Although we don't know much about what made Angie so upset, we do know one thing: she saw hooves. Pig hooves, perhaps?

Take a look at this behind the scenes look at "Piggy, Piggy":



I like horror movies. That is all.

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