American Horror Story: Open House (Episode 7)

Episode 7 of American Horror story rung in Wednesday night with a series high performance rating and has apparently been growing strong for the past five weeks. This week's episode created more questions than answers, as what tends to be the norm in about oh, every other episode or so? So let's just jump right into some of those questions, shall we?

Larry Harvey: evil, burn faced man or sympathetic character? In this episode we learn that Larry did not in fact kill his family, but feels responsible that he couldn't save their lives. One point for the sympathetic character. Then we learn that he wanted to leave his family to have a life with Constance, which is the reason his wife killed herself and their daughters by starting the fire in the bedroom. One point for the evil burn faced man. Later in the episode, we watch Constance basically humiliate him and taunt him in the basement, making for possibly the most uncomfortable scene in the episode. Another point for the sympathetic character. But then I remember that he killed the man who was interested in demolishing the house, thereby freeing the Harmon's from the Murder House but at the same time being sure no one would ever find Moira's remains thus leaving her stuck to the premises. This is where I lose count and am too confused or exhausted to care.

Can Ben Harmon be any worse of a character and are the writers aware of this? Don't get me wrong, I typically enjoy Dylan McDermott, but he doesn't have much to work with here other than getting naked and masturbating in front of windows. He hasn't had any major plot lines in the past few episodes and that's quite alright with me. I hate, hate, hate his interaction with Larry and his "badass" attitude. I mean, he moved his family across the country to save his marriage and now he has left the home without a fight and threatened Burn Face knowing that this man has some sort of agenda and could potentially be dangerous to the his family. The series started with Ben being the main character and now the only time he makes an appearance is when he's working with a patient or throwing out harsh sounding one liners.

Does Tate know he's dead? I am guessing all the ghost talk between him and Violet is supposed to establish the fact that he does not realize that he is, in fact, a ghost. (One of them! One of them!) This theory would help explain the reason why he doesn't seem to acknowledge or remember the school shooting.

And this leads me to the most important questions on episode 7... Do the Harmon's really live THISCLOSE to Nicole Brown Simpson's house!? Does Ben Harmon happen to own a white Ford Bronco and leather gloves that don't quite fit? Will this tie into future episodes? Okay, I'm done. I look forward to next week and learning more about Rubber Man and hopefully getting some answers to all these piling questions. Here's the trailer for next week:



I like horror movies. That is all.

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