American Horror Story: Halloween Part 2 (Episode 5)

Episode 5 of American Horror Story has been brought to us right after the recent news that the show has been renewed for a second season. This episode was definitely a wild ride and it has probably been my favorite episode so far. This week we've watched Ben and Vivien's relationship fall farther into the ground, we've seen a whole bunch of ghosts doing ghostly things, and we've got a lot of background on Tate and his relationship with Constance. Here's the recap:

Alright so obviously the main plot line that sticks out in this episode is Tate's story. We learn what I'm guessing most of us have already suspected; that he is Constance's son. What was most riveting in the episode was the fact that Tate was the key player in a Columbine style massacre and is now being pursued by the teens that were killed in the shooting, who were looking for answer's on their death. I found it pretty damn eerie that the fictional school shooting on TV referenced so many similarities to the real life Columbine shooting. For instance there were references that Tate targeted the jocks and another scene where it was revealed that he asked a girl if she believed in God before he shot her. Heavy stuff, however this combination of supernatural horror story lines and real life American horror is what I find so compelling about the show. Tate was pretty convincing in saying he doesn't remember what he did to them, which could make for some interesting follow up. I also loved the look of shock on Violet's faced when she realized just exactly was going on with Tate and the ghosts, but honestly, she doesn't have access to Google? She hasn't tried to look up Tate on Facebook? The kids at her high school don't talk about the school shooting that happened in the 90s? Come on.

That's all I really have to say about this episode. Honestly, this story arc was just so heavy and compelling that the stuff about Hayden, Addie, Mr. Burn Face Man and even the gimp suit just seemed so minor and unimportant. Oh and then there was the microwave situation with the family dog. Quite disturbing even when said later to have only been a joke, which is interesting for a show that has no problem showing images of mutated fetuses, but hey... Can't wait to learn more.



I like horror movies. That is all.

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