AMC Fearfest: October 16 - 31

It's that time of year again! Everyones favorite two week long horror movie marathon, AMC Fearfest, is kicking off this Sunday October 16th, with the highly anticipated second season premiere of "The Walking Dead." George Romero is our "host" this year, presenting a world television premiere of "Survival of the Dead". Also premiering this year? "Diary of the Dead," "The Hills Have Eyes" remake, "Flight of the Living Dead," "Slither," and "Halloween: H20," among others. AMC will also be premiering a 14 part mini documentary series called "American Haunting" about a real commercial haunted house that features a series of 13 horror themed rooms. The viewers will get to see the design process, building process and the big reveal of each room. "American Haunting" will air at 8 and 10pm each week night. Head on over to AMC Fearfest for full details on movie schedules, online movies for your viewing pleasure and fun horror themed trivia games.



I like horror movies. That is all.

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