Amazing Short for Phillips 21:9 TV

Years ago, widescreen TV's introduced the public to the bits they had previously been missing on the right and left sides of their TV screens. With HDTV's well into the mainstream, the public has finally gotten used to a more cinematic viewing experience, but Phillips is still not satisfied, as evident by their recent unveiling of the "Cinema 21:9," a wide (wide, wide) screen television more condusive to the film-viewing experience.

Until now this Cinematic Viewing Experience has been extremely difficult to replicate at home. Cinema 21:9 boasts a 56" screen that is shaped in the 21:9 aspect ratio, so movies in the 2.39:1 format completely fill the screen exactly as you experience at the cinema. The TV delivers impeccable high definition picture quality in a native 2560×1080p resolution.

As a promo for this hulking beast, Phillips comissioned Adam Berg and Stink Digital to produce the short film "Carousel," which showcases a bizzare and awe insipriing freeze frame of a band of clowns robbing a hospital (?) and taking out cops. Trust me when I say, this is awesome, and not at all an ICP video:

YouTube doesn't really do the piece justice, but you can view "Carousel" in it's proper aspect ratio on the Phillips Cinema 21:9 site, and I suggest you do so. It almost seems like it could be a viral piece for the next Batman movie, but I know that's not the case. Either way, it's pretty stunning and quite fun to take in.

As for the television, I think that it's a great idea for cinephiles and very high level consumers, but might be a hard sell for quite a while. As someone who's owned a 40" HDTV for months and already finds it almost impossible to watch standard def TV anymore, I just don't see the experience stretching beyond "proper" film viewing. That being said, someone I know ends up purchasing one of these, I will come over and watch some Planet Earth on it, you know, for reporting purposes.


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