10 Winter Horror Movies

Winter. I think it’s a safe assumption that we’re all sick of it. The groundhog sacked up and braved his shadow so spring is on the horizon. Let’s not forget that we’re in the middle of February though. Sure, we’re seeing 50 degree temps in central Indiana but Mother Nature could turn around and slap us with another foot of snow at any moment and nobody would really be surprised.

The bleakness of winter is wearing us all down, so why not bolster that depression with 10 Winter Horror Flicks?


I’m not exactly a devotee to the cult of Adam Green but he’s got some solid efforts out there. “Frozen” gives a nice sense of chilly fear and isolation that’s rare in today’s age of splatter and cgi.


As a movie? There’s nothing much to recommend here. As a showcase of cinematography, you don’t get much better. The sense of frigid cold and loneliness of being stuck in the arctic wastes is the sole saving grace here. Kate Beckinsale’s gorgeous in a parka too, so there’s that.

The Thing

The end all be all ice cold horror flick. John Carpenter created this classic. For horror fans, it should be a household name by this point.


I was excited when I read about the ghosts of the Donner Party and Ando from “Heroes” being involved. That excitement lasted all of ten minutes once the movie started. There is lots of snow up on the mountain though!

30 Days of Night

Based on the comic from Steve Niles, “30 Days” seemed straight forward at first. Vampires attacking a small town, nothing new or too exciting. Once the notion that this small town was in Alaska where the nights last for six months, the concept transformed into something truly chilling.


I avoided this winter hunting trip flick for years based on word of mouth on how awful it was. Having gotten curious enough to watch it on Netflix Instant Watch, I was floored at how great this movie was! Easily the most underrated movie of the bunch.

Dead Snow

Nazi zombies in the snow! Need I say more?


Declining conditions in a remote area of the woods will lead to some creative habits for living. If you get hungry enough, you’ll eat anything! Literally!

Let The Right One In

Easily one of the best genre flicks of both 2008 and 2010! The frozen landscape of Sweden make a perfect counterpoint to the coldness of Eli’s heart.

The Shining

One of the most iconic roles for Jack Nicholson, the Stanley Kubrick rendition of Stephen King’s isolation story is a classic. You’d go a little crazy too if you were snowed in out in the middle of nowhere with Shelly Duvall.


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