The Inevitable Preview Trailer Let Down

I think it's safe to say that most of us here like to be "in the know", so to speak. We enjoy being ahead of the curve. I personally love being ahead of the curve. We seek out trailers and teaser posters and casting revelations. This weekend it really hit me. The magic has been sucked out of the preview trailers.

It's my own fault. No one instructed me to watch the "Watchmen" teaser a dozen times. Of course I was dripping with anticipation to see it on the big screen with the "Dark Knight". The fact that I was even expecting it before the film speaks volumes. Where's the excitement in that? I have always been the girl who feverishly enters the theater no less than a half hour early. I need to get choice seating; I need to see the previews. Now I've already seen them all!

As I sat with my Twizzlers clenched, I watched the previews prior to "Hellboy" breeze past. "WTF? I've already seen the "Quarantine" trailer." No one to blame but myself. As the teaser for "Terminator Salvation" flashed by, I yawned. I yawned as I heard others begin to exclaim and bustle with new found knowledge. My boyfriend leaned over and whispered, "I can't believe people are just hearing about this."

Am I saying I wish I didn't have all this information? Of course not! I'd have to stop trolling the interweb and writing blogs every time Entertainment Weekly released a new still. Then what would I do with my free time? I'm just saying, my beloved previews will never be the same. That "Watchmen" one was pretty amazing though...

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