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Dana's next door neighbor earns a scare in Nails

Nails certainly has a grabby premise. It’s one bound to catch the eye of more than a few horror fans aimlessly scrolling through their streaming options, even those left jaded by the seemingly ceaseless onslaught of ghostly horrors. A co-production of the United Kingdom and Ireland, Nails puts a paraplegic (Shauna Macdonald), in the very early days of her recovery from a devastating accident, In this rundown treatment center she encounters a dangerous supernatural entity revealing the building's dark past.

Benjen Stark is a terrible father.

In which we review a feel good film for a change.

After watching no-budget horror films for review purposes over the last month I have come to a few inescapable conclusions. Foremost is that these filmmakers are dreamers, inspired by love and committed beyond most to seeing their dreams through to completion. Fast on the heels of this comes the second realization, that not everyone’s dreams are interesting. I have also learned that while I truly admire the pocket purse Polanski's of the horror world I cannot force myself to forget the painfully learned lessons of film school.