DVD Bargain Bin

Supposedly based on a true story, The Haunting in Connecticut tells the story of a family and their encounter with the supernatu

Yet another show cut short in its prime, this Reaper Season 2 set will be the last one we get to see.

This week's Bargain Bin sees the release of a couple of buzz-backed indie flicks and a handful of Direct to Video garbage!

It's Tuesday and that means new DVD's! This week sees a highly anticipated release, one release that is going to confuse people into thinking that Louis Fowler has finally hit the big time, and a handful of old school horrors! Set your sights on 'cringe' and get ready for a trip to...

It's time to restock the Bargain Bin once again as Tuesday rolls around and the new releases hit the shelf! With two 80's classics and a handful of direct to video cheese ready to go, this makes the third week of April a light one, but a decent one none the less!

Last week in the Bargain Bin brought an onslaught of epic proportions upon our wallets. This week lightens the attack a bit with one major studio release and a whole host of solid direct to video titles.