So many pubes... 

Stare into the dark soul of the tempura shrimp, IF YOU DARE.

One month after we released IT'S JASON VOORHEES!, our first foray into video remixes of classic horror movies, BGH is releasing the second one into the world.

Did you miss Sunday night's epic livesteram of awesomeness? If so, then you weren't able to bask in the calming glow of Schnaars' baby nursery, or the majestic manliness of CC's husband.  If you missed it, we highly recommend you fire

In which Mark coins the term "Batnado"...

Welcome to the great BGH redesign of 2014! To celebrate, Bloody Good Horror is releasing the video below. It combines my borderline disturbing love of Friday the 13th, dubstep remixes of horror themes, and seizure inducing editing.

Why does she have two bras on? I don't get it.