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The four leads of The Ritual search the woods for answers

The Ritual gets off to as strong of a start as almost any horror flick in recent memory. Just moments after introducing us to a group of five aging college buddies planning a “lads’ trip,” the film plunges two of them into an unbearable, yet utterly plausible nightmare. As the rest of the group waits outside, Luke (Rafe Spall) and Rob (Paul Reid) head into a liquor store to pick up a bottle, only to stumble upon a robbery in progress.

Stephen King's name can conjure a myriad of immediate reactions. For many his cultural significance is marked by the knowledge that whatever is about to unfold will be satisfyingly unsettling. From three versions of Carrie to two versions of The Shinning, the King’s work seems to draw consistent and frequent adaptation. Arguably one of his most notorious and discussed works is the novel It, which was adapted for TV as a mini-series in 1990. Audiences may have missed out on viewing the over four-hour epic since its release 27 years ago, but Tim Curry's performance as Pennywise the clown has become a part of cross genre of pop culture.

It wasn't until I was well ensconced in my horror loving fandom that I saw the original TV mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s It.

Or as my grandpappy called it, the war of Zombie aggression.

What just happened to me must be one of the perils of writing for a horror website...