piranha 2

Stills from "Piranha 2". If you want my advice, stop after the bikini one, because the next shot is a dried up old Richard Dreyfuss. That won't be good for anyone.

Stop the presses, it's time for "The Toxic Avenger 5: The Toxic Twins". Ok, it's only a promo poster that debuted at this week's American Film Market, but it means that development has come along farther than it has in a long while. Lloyd Kaufman is attached to direct (as usual). That just made my week.

Lance Henriksen is Police Chief Martin Brody, excuse me, Police Chief Steve Kimbrough. He’s grizzled, chiseled and he’s the only law in Amity… excuse me again, Elysium Island. His estranged wife Ann and is a microbiologist working as a dive instructor. No one is quite sure why. Their teenage son Chris is an affable kid who has a troublingly familiar way with his mother; unless unbeknownst to most of us there is some obscure Caribbean custom that normalizes teasing your naked mom with fish when she is in bed. Ann and Chris live in the resort hotel where Ann works.