"Season of the Witch" Trailer Lands

Alright Hollywood big wigs let's come to an agreement here. If you're going to call your movie "Season of the Witch" there should be nothing but creepy Halloween masks and a theme song that will drill inside people's brains. If you want to put Nicholas Cage in there for good measure that's up to you, but make it a movie about an actual witch that takes place in the olden times.

Anyway, the trailer for the film which revolves around 14th-century knights transporting a suspected witch to a monastery where monks are going to run some tests to find out if she's causing the black plague is now online and ready for viewing. I don't want to split hairs here but I think witches are suppose to have giant noses and be all evil looking. The one in this film is down right cute, even adorable some would say. Strike two Hollywood, you're walking on thin ice here!

"Season of the Witch" will hit theaters on March 19th.


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