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BGH Classic Pack - Through the Years With BGH

Having recently wrapped our 2013 year in review, we thought: "What better way to take a cinematic trip through time than with the podcast?" So we're happy to offer our latest classic pack, "Through the Years, With BGH."

This pack contains an exciting assortment of classic year-end and mid-year episodes. These include: mid-year discussions from 2008 and 2009, and year end shows from 2010 and 2012. We also included a special "Why are we horror fans" convo from back in the early days!

Check out the pack, and remember some of those films that (short) time forgot. And hey, you'll be supporting the show while you're at it, which we always appreciate.

BGH Classic Pack - Through the Years, With BGH

BGH Classic Pack - Inside Joke

After 270 episodes of the podcast you develop a handful of jokes that are only funny to those dyed in the wool crazies who have been with us for a while. So if you're always wondering why the hell people are talking about the fog, or why we don't talk about the movie that rhymes with "Shrom Schnight," then this might be the classic pack for you.

Included in this pack are episodes on "Prom Night," "The Fourth Kind," "Valhalla Rising," "Mirrors" and "My Soul to Take." Go back to the beginning and hear where all the incomprehensible nonsense began!

Check out the pack here.

BGH Classic Pack - First Person Horrors Vol. 2

In our first found footage classic pack we took a look at some of the best -- and one or two of the worst -- that the sub-genre has to offer. But those podcast episodes were by no means the last word, so we're back with a second round in this new classic pack.

BGH Classic Pack - First Person Horrors Vol. 2 contains podcast episodes on "Troll Hunter," "V/H/S," "The Devil Inside," "The Poughkeepsie Tapes" and "Paranormal Activity 2."

First person horror is the defining trend in today's horror, so check out these conversations and let us know where you stand on dudes with video cameras facing off with zombies, trolls and demons.

BGH Classic Pack - Remake-Apolooza! Vol. 3

Remakes: can't live with'em, can't murder everyone involved with'em. The silver lining of course is that modern horror's remake insanity has given rise to some epic podcast episodes. In previous classic packs we've combined some of the best and worst of recent horror remakes. But never fear, the remakes barrel never runs dry, which means we're able to bring you this latest classic pack: Remake-Apolooza! Vol. 3.

In this new pack you'll find discussion of such remade-gems as:

- The Wolfman, a strange and troubled brew starring Benicio Del Toro and Sir Anthony Hopkins as lupine competitors in olden times
- The Matt Reeves directed "Let the Right One In," Let Me In
- Asian horror remake and Jessica Alba starring vehicle, The Eye
- An extremely loose remake of Mother's Day by Darren Lynn Bousman
- and, the grimy update of the grimy Craven film The Last House on the Left

If you can't get enough of the crew's collective heads exploding as we discuss these sometimes lovingly crafted, sometimes disastrous remakes, give Remake-Apolooza! Vol. 3 a download today!

BGH Classic Pack - So Bad It's Good

In a perfect world, we would never watch a film for the podcast that wasn't a fan favorite or cult classic. Unfortunately for us, that is not a feasible outcome. But luckily for you, dear listener, the absolute worst films often make for pure podcast gold.

In this new classic pack -- So Bad It's Good -- we explore five true bottom-of-the-barrel films. Each a laugher of a different stripe, but producing laughers on the podcast that are very predictable.

Episodes included in this pack:
#41 - "Postal"
#56 - "The Mother of Tears"
#84 - "Shriek of the Mutilated"
#119 - "Survival of the Dead"
#148 - "Season of the Witch"

Enjoy the pain, check out the classic pack. And if you're looking for more where this came from, check out our other classic pack options.

BGH Classic Pack - Get Your Cult On

Here are Bloody Good Horror, we're not content to watch only the "cult classics" mainstream viewers are familiar with. Films like "sex, lies and videotape" or "Heathers." No, we go deep to digest the cult classics that dwell at the depths of the horror genre. In some cases, our mission leads to gold, like "Pieces." Sometimes it gives you a mild headache, like in "Eraserhead."

But every time it leads to some good podcast.

Thus, we bring you "Get Your Cult On:" a classic pack that explores some the truly epic cult films that we've detoured off the beaten path to find. Included in this classic pack are discussion of Pieces, Knightriders, Nightbreed, Eraserhead and C.H.U.D..

Some legendary directors, some true cult classics. Get your goddamn cult on, already.

BGH Classic Pack - It Might Get Weird

Horror films are about pushing boundaries. And when you're all alone, watching along in the dark, you only have to tolerate what you're comfortable with. But sometimes, in the service of the podcast, the crew might push its own boundaries, and that's where things can get weird. "American Mary" was a recent example, but definitely not the only one.

In this new classic pack we dish on five movies that have some fun themes. From performers in a freakshow to teenage necrophilia to disembodied privates, each of these movies takes us to a dark or different place. And that's when the podcast discussion gets a little weird.

Included in this classic pack are:

Episode 51 - "Freaks"
Episode 101 - "Thirst"
Episode 116 - "Deadgirl"
Episode 124 - "Bad Biology"
Episode 182 - "The Woman"

We took one for the team on some of these -- honestly, we didn't really mind -- but now's your chance to hear how awkward things get when we have to talk about mean stuff happening to people's no-no areas.

Buy Now - $2.99

BGH Classic Pack - Rain-Fights Extravaganza

There's a certain member of the podcast who manages to get his panties in a bunch anytime a character throws a punch amid a light summer's mist. Or any time a bullet flies throw a steady downpour. Yes, there is a man who knows what he likes, and what he likes is a good ol' fashioned rain-fight.

So in honor of that fine editor-in-chief and podcast host extraordinaire, we offer this latest classic pack featuring some of modern cinema's finest battles in precipitation. That's right, it's the BGH Classic Pack - Rain-Fights Extravaganza.

In this pack you'll find discussion of Resident Evil: Afterlife, Priest, Drive Angry 3D, Legion, and of course, that classic of classics: Doomsday. There may or may not be rain-fights in all these films, what is important is that they embody the spirit of rain-fighting.

Why not support those sopping-wet battles, those aqueous conflicts, those saturated skirmishes. Download the classic pack, and send the message: you support Eric and his unhealthy obsession. You support rain-fights.

BGH Classic Pack - The Re-De-Sensitization Project

About midway through our podcast on "The ABCs of Death" the idea emerged that the crew at BGH had become a little -- how do you say? --re-sensitized to some of the more extreme elements of the horror genre. The next week, we luckily continued the re-de-sensitization with a shower of gore that is known as "Evil Dead."

If you've been enjoying and partaking in the re-de-sensitization, we invite you to continue the course with a new classic pack pulled together specifically to commemorate the time back before the likes of "Shark Night" and "Resident Evil: Retribution" had re-sensitized us.

This new pack, entitled "The Re-De-Sensitization Project," contains five classic, horrendous film discussions. These include:

Episode 15 - Cannibal Holocaust
Episode 47 - Saw V
Episode 70 - Martyrs
Episode 125 - The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
Episode 135 - A Serbian Film

If this sounds like the kind of torture you're interested in, by all means, bang it on the link below. Get re-de-sensitized!

Buy Now

BGH Classic Pack - Deep Cuts

For any number of reasons, some episodes of the Bloody Good Horror Podcast have never been available as part of our BGH Classics. Call it a mystery. Call it a conspiracy. Call it laziness. Today, we can call it a thing of the past. We're plugging holes here people!

So we're happy to announce that we're six episodes closer to our goal of making all 230+ Classic episodes available to you the listeners. Those six new classics can be found in order, on our Podcast Page, but they can also be found right here in a brand spanking new Classic Pack. We're calling them Deep Cuts, because they came from deep in the BGH archive. And the great news, is that you can get them in one shot, for one great price.

Shockingly, these were some real solid episodes. Included are:
- Episode 17 on "The Signal" and "Tromeo and Juliet"
- Episode 26 on "The Orphanage"
- Episode 29 on "The Strangers"
- Episode 48 on John Carpenter's "Halloween" and "Halloween II"
- Episode 166 on "Santa Sangre"
- and Episode 170 on "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night"

Click here to purchase BGH Classic Pack - Deep Cuts today!

BGH Classic Pack - Remake-Apolooza! Vol. 2

We know that not all horror remakes are created equal. As we explored in the first volume of BGH Classic's Remake-Apolooza, with the right mix of vision and talent you can rework a classic. This week marks one of the biggest tests of that theory to date, as the long-anticipated "Evil Dead" reimagining hits theaters -- and the Bloody Good Horror podcast.

In honor of "Evil Dead," we're offering up a second volume of BGH Classic remake episodes. In this pack we break into some of the thornier questions around remakes, starting with one of the most notorious remakes of them all: Rob Zombie's "Halloween."

BGH Classic - Remake-Apolooza! Vol. 2 contains discussions of Rob Zombie's "Halloween," "Fright Night," "Piranha 3D," "The Uninvited" and "Night of the Demons."

BGH Classic Pack - "It's Better With Two... or Five"

On this week's podcast we're reviewing the super-anthology film "The ABCs of Death." Twenty-six filmmakers, twenty-six short films. It's a road we went down most recently with "V/H/S," which turned out better than we probably would have thought. But we've also had a good time with some of the other anthology films on the show.

BGH Classic - It's Better With Two... or Five brings you five classic BGH episodes: tense discussion on "Trick 'R Treat," sexual awakenings with "Teeth" & "Black Sheep," an urban perspective with "Tales from the Hood," explications of truth in "S&Man," and all kinds of awkward with "Chillerama."

Give them a listen and mentally prepare yourself to learn your "ABCs."

BGH Classic - It's Better With 2... or 5

BGH Classic Pack - Sci-Fi Scares

At the Bloody Good Horror podcast we enjoy voyaging where no man has gone before, which is why we always tackle the best -- and worst -- of sci-fi horror. In our latest episode of the podcast we cover the 1998 sci-fi cult classic "Dark City." In honor of John Murdoch and The Strangers, we're offering up the chance to catch up with some of our favorite bloody sci-fi discussions.

BGH Classic - Sci-Fi Scares includes 5 great episodes: 2008's "The X-Files: I Want to Believe," the critically acclaimed "District 9," the whacked-out trip "Pandorum," Jude Law's joint "Repo Men," and John Carpenter's classic "Prince of Darkness."

Click here to download it now!

BGH Classic Pack - First-Person Horrors!

Nothing is scarier than a handheld camera pointed into the darkness. At least that's been horror's operating thesis these last couple of years. We've tackled the issue on the podcast -- not always joyfully -- and we've probably arrived at nothing better than a stalemate. First-person horror is with us, and there's nothing we can do about it.

BGH Classic - First-Person Horrors is a pack of episodes that explore five first-person horror films spanning half a decade in horror. Inside you'll find discussion of George Romero's "Diary of the Dead," the American re-imagining "Quarantine," the original "Last Exorcism", "Apollo 18" and the film that marked the trends' crest, "Paranormal Activity."

Check out these great episodes with the link below!

BGH Classic - First-Person Horrors

BGH Classic Pack - Remake-Apolooza!

Over at the podcast, few topics get our hackles up as much as remakes. Offensive. Derivative. Misguided. You name it, we've said it.

If you missed out on some of our more vitriolic podcast episodes, now's your chance to enjoy the hate. Our first BGH Classic pack offers the chance to re-live the drama.

BGH Classic - Remake-Apolooza, Vol. 1 features five remakes that span the horror spectrum. In this Classic pack you'll find our original episodes for 2008's "Shutter," 2009's "Friday the 13th" and "Sorority Row," and 2010's "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "The Crazies."

Use the link below to check out -- right here, right now!

BGH Classic - Remake-Apolooza, Vol. 1

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