Horror Headlines 8/28/08

The producers behind the sequel to Neil Marshall's "The Descent" have finally come to their senses and ditched the retarded title "De2cent" (which made no fucking sense at all). The official title is now the much classier "The Descent: Part Two". Well played. The film is currently shooting with the entire cast returning, most of which will be in flashback form for obvious reasons.

Bryan Bertino, writer director of "The Strangers", has officially signed on to pen a sequel. Liv Tyler has also signed on to return. I hate the fact that everything that's decent has to get a sequel these days, but there are a lot worse films that you could be sequelizing.

A controversial advertisement for the Spanish flick [REC] has been banned in New Zealand. Apparently the Kiwis took offense to a faux real "Bloody Mary" being served to potential movie goers. What? A little fake cannibalism never hurt anyone.

In Real People News: 

Boy is somehow born with two heads even though he was formed from only one embryo. Doctors are calling it an "anomaly". Gee, you think?

The price of rat meat has tripled in Cambodia! Between this and the canned meat scare in Canada, how are we to attain our most delicious of foods? I tell ya, life just isn't fair sometimes.

Here's a new twist to the student / teacher affair... cocaine! Might as well completely screw over your life over while you're at it, right?

This just in, Irish girls are sluts. This should come as good news to all the Ginger chasers running around these parts. Me, I still think they've got the touch of the devil in 'em.

On this day in history: 

1988: Three Italian fighter jets from the precision flight team Frecce Tricolori collide while attempting their "Pierced Heart" stunt during an air show at Ramstein Air Base in West Germany. The wreckage of one plane tumbles into the crowd and explodes, killing 40 spectators and seriously injuring hundreds more. The death toll reaches 69 two months later.

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