Horror Headlines 6/10/08

Megan Good talks both "Saw V" and "Unborn". She'll be starring in both films this year. In the interview she talks about the challe... oh who am I kidding, I only linked to it because she's super hot. Enjoy.

Have you heard of this Korean movie called "Butcher"? "Butcher" is a "Hostel" type film told entirely from the POV of the victim. Apparently the Koreans didn't get the memo that "Hostel" type films are so out this year. France, if you would kindly pass it along once you're done with it that would be great, thanks.

Samurai Zombie Western, 'Nuff said. The film just finished shooting and they're aiming to be done with post some time in September. In the meantime, if you're looking for more Zombie Samurai I have to recommend the Japanese film "Versus". Check it out, it's good stuff.

Attack of the Show's Blair Butler has shot a pilot for VH1 called America's Next Top Zombie Idol. Now I'm all for more Horror on television screens, but that's just stupid.

In Real People News: 

Scientists at the McMurdo base in Antarctica have just received their final shipment of supplies before their long sunless winter, and it contains 16,500 condoms. If the crew is anything like the one depicted in "The Thing", this may not be as awesome as it sounds. The thought of Keith David nuzzling up next to me on a cold Antarctic evening is just about the most terrifying mental image I've ever had.

There's a reason why laypeople like you and I don't use Molotov cocktails... It's really easy to light yourself on fire like a dumbass. This is really the kind of thing you should leave to mafia henchmen and Grand Theft Auto characters.

Australia bans the sale of bongs, so enterprising headshop owner relabels them as "water pourers". Nice. Also, major lolz to the author for using the term "cannibas addict". To quote the immortal Bob Saget, have you ever sucked dick for weed? I didn't think so.

Baby born with second penis on his back, and mom has it removed. Bummer, when that kid grew up he would have been able to have one hell of a threeway.

On this day in history: 

1881: A phantom vessel appears in the sky to the passengers and crew of the ship Bacchante, including Price Albert Victor and Prince George, both sons of the Prince of Wales.

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