Horror Headlines 5/7/08

80's Man-God Tom Atkins has been cast in the 3D remake of "My Bloody Valentine"! I now officially take back everything bad I've ever said about this film. Tom freaking Atkins? Where did they dig him up from?

So, one of the original writers of "Robocop" now is referring to the next film as "Robocop 4" and not a "remake". Not sure if that's wishful thinking on his part, but that and more thoughts on the series can be found at the link.

Pay attention, Louis. The Scifi channel just finished filming a flick in Australia titled Goblin Shark Attack. Hey, amazing titles speak for themselves people.

Here are some synopses and casting lists for "Fear Itself", to debut on NBC this summer. NBC is taking a huge risk with this show, so it should be interesting as to how it pans out sans the R rating afforded by The Showtime network.

Frank Miller's "Spirit" has been moved up to December 25th, showing that Lions gate is feeling confident about Miller's directorial debut. The film, based on a popular comic strip, goes like this: "A slain rookie cop who returns from the dead to fight crime and track a cold-blooded killer." Sounds good to me!

International "X-Files 2" Poster. I'm ready for the hype train on this to stop until it's release, but I know we have a few resident fans so I'm just doing my part for ya.

In Real People News: 

A South Jersey cop has been sentenced for an incident in 2006 in which he forced a cow to give him fellatio. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that's the only time you'll see all those words in the same sentence together. Oh, and ewww.

Police were less shocked by the 30 cats in Michael Vondueren's home in Sacramento when they busted in recently, as they were about the 300 dead cats in his freezers. I can't fathom actually wanting to own ONE cat, so you can imagine how much I relate to this story.

A judge hearing a case brought by the RIAA regarding the use of "Shared Folders" on your computer has ruled that it is not unlawful to store music in a shared folder on your computer, effectively setting a precedent that may kill many suits brought on by the recording industry cartel. The good news is you can now continue to share those Weird Al tracks of yours unencumbered. Rejoice!

On this day in history: 

1915: The ocean liner Lusitania is torpedoed by German submarine U-20 off the coast of Ireland. The ship goes under in just 18 minutes. In their panic, the crew only manages to launch 6 of the 48 lifeboats. As a result 1,201 are killed. Contrary to published reports of the time, the passenger ship was smuggling 3,863 boxes of ammunition and 323 bundles of guncotton into Britain.

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