Horror Headlines 4/21/08

Don Mancini (The "Child's Play" Series) and Howie Mandel (of "Bobbie's World" fame... ha) are co-producing a pilot for the Sci-fi Channel titled "Kill Switch", about a woman who can teleport herself into the bodies of people about to be murdered. Also of note, now that I think about it Mancini kind of looks like Mandel when he had hair. Coincidence? Ya, probably.

If you're going to be at Comic Con today you'll get the chance to pick up a one-time only poster for "Hellboy II", drawn by artist Drew Struzan. The poster is at the link, if you can navigate the infuriating full page ad that pops up when you go there. Good luck my friends.

So some websites are reporting that production on "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins" has shut down. BD on the other hand is reporting casting news, specifically that Moon Bloodgood is in negotiations to play the lead in the new Terminator film. No word on if she's in any way related to Slim Goodbody, who would probably be good in a horror film because he's the creepiest bastard ever. Seriously, google search that shit.

Wow... it seems that horror fans who have rented the French film "Inside" from Blockbuster are being met with a nasty surprise, those bastards at Cockbuster have cut 7 minutes from the film!. So, that's 7 minutes of gut churning blood you're missing out on, and since we saw the Unrated Director's cut, I'm guessing it deadens the impact quite significantly. Infuriated about this as me? Leave your thoughts in the comments. At least we can take heart that Netflix's customer base is still much larger than Blockbuster and the brick and mortar video store is quickly going the way of the dodo. It's unfortunate, but since the Mom and Pop shops died out years ago I think it's time for the whole damn thing to come down. Damn the man.

Finally today, X-Files 2 plot revealed! Abdcutions, mutilations, secret medical experiments and more. What more could you ask for?

In Real People News: 

If you live in London and smell a foul odor over the next few days, it's just the Dutch. Oh, and shit.

31 people were shot and 2 stabbed this weekend in Chicago. If we have readers there... are you still alive? Seriously though, that's got to be some sort of record... no?

There's only one rule in Baby Fight Club, and that's that when we're done everyone gets a nap... and a baba.

On this day in history: 

1847: Lewis Keseberg, the final member of the Donner Party still stranded in the mountains, is escorted to safety by a fourth rescue party. Later accounts hold that Keseberg was discovered "seated, like a ghoul, in the midst of dead bodies, with his face and hands smeared with blood, and a kettle of human flesh boiling over the fire."

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