Horror Headlines 4/7/08

I just have one question for you on this Monday morning... how is it that the comic book "Mr. T Vs. Dracula" hasn't been made into a movie yet? I'll tell you why, because there's no justice in the universe.

On Friday we told you about an Indie anthology film called "Pranks", in which each segment is being directed by scream queens Heather Langenkamp, Ellie Cornell and Danielle Harris respectively. Well if you visit the producers Myspace today, He has posted a bunch of pictures from Danielle Harris' segment of the film. Check them at the link.

Jensen Ackles ("Dark Angel", "Supernatural") has been tapped to star in Lions Gates' "My Bloody Valentine: 3D". His character will be "A handsome, principled man who returns to his home in Harmony, Mo., 10 years after 22 people were murdered on Valentine's night. Back in Montana, Tom finds he still is smitten with his first love, Sarah (Jaime King)." Considering that almost every role Ackles takes could be described in some way as "heart-throbby", this can't be good news for this remake.

Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, directors of the amazing French film "Inside", are officially off the "Hellraiser" remake. Wow, it didn't even make it to production before the producers started to screw the foreign talent. This is becoming an alarmingly prevalent trend. In the meantime, check out the TV trailer for "Inside", on DVD April 15th!

In Real People News: 

If you're married and you live anywhere in Florida, do NOT try and take a hot dog from your wife... you WILL get stabbed in the chest. Hey, the people down here take their processed meats seriously.

Parents threatening to send you to military school? No problem! Just call the police and turn your mother in for growing weed. Mother doesn't grow weed? Well you're shit out of luck then.

Bill Gates is now telling people that there will be a new version of Windows within a year, and that it may be "subscription based". You mean I can pay monthly for a shitty operating system now? Where do I sign up!

On this day in history: 

1989: Soviet nuclear submarine Komsomolets sinks in the Norwegian sea, with two nuclear reactors and two nuclear torpedoes aboard. 41 crew members die, and the submarine remains one mile below the surface of the ocean, with its nuclear weapons intact.

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