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Reckoning the Number of the Beast - The 30th Anniversary Part 3

Continuing my conversation with author Chris Colavito about Iron Maiden and "The Number of the Beast." To see part 1, click the link at the bottom.

Reckoning the Number of the Beast - The 30th Anniversary Part 2

"The Number of the Beast" is not an album, it's an experience. Not just for the music it contains, but for what it means to the heavy metal genre's past, present and future. The textbook example of heavy metal's evolution from a rough-around-the-edges marginal grouping of musicians to a hard-charging, mother-scaring, school-administrator-nervous-sweating phenomenon, "The Number of the Beast" not only changed the face of heavy metal, but helped change what was possible for it.

Reckoning the Number of the Beast - The 30th Anniversary Part 1

“When I first heard the intro to “The Number of the Beast,” it scared the shit out of me... And I wanted more.”

In March of 1982, Iron Maiden recreated itself with their release of “The Number of the Beast,” an album that immediately entered the vanguard of heavy metal’s assault on popular radio, the conceptions of heavy metal to that point, and everything that wasn’t nailed down.

10 Songs for the Darkness, Part 2

Here is part 2 of my joint venture with our music guru Drew, enjoy!

* Note the version of "Subway Song" in the video is from a different session than the one that appears on the "Three Imaginary Boys/ Boys Don't Cry" album. As such it is missing a pay-off component,though the tone is much the same*

Tor’s picks

The Cure - "Subway Song"

10 Songs for the Darkness, Part 1

The screen goes up, the headphones on, ITunes open, hit shuffle, then unwrap Firefox, Chrome, or Safari and you’re off. The soundtrack for your daily bill paying, gaming, or noodling session online is whatever Apple’s ‘random’ algorithm decides that it will be. The preceding scenario describes the general way in which most people I know, who aren’t exercising, connect with music these days. And truthfully, I too love to have a score to alleviate the monotony of tasks most dull, but I remember a time when the music was the event.

5 Haunting Photographs

Photos are far scarier than video or motion pictures. There I said it. My opinion on this arises from the fact that through my years I have seen a number of things in film and video that have disturbed me but few of them plagued my thoughts for more than an hour or so afterwards. By contrast there are still photographs that trouble me when they pop to mind years later.

5 Knock out Foreign Knock-offs

So, I’ll start this list by saying most of these films may not actually be true knock-offs. There are no character names lifted from other films, no direct copying of plots across from bigger blockbusters and only one of the titles featured here references the film that inspired it. That said, none of these sleazy pleasers can boast that they got there first with their ideas, though some of the variations on theme and presentation make these films more memorable than their source material.

5 Eerie Webcams

Some see the internet as a vast wellspring of promise, hope and resources. I prefer to look at it as a boundary-less ward that houses my grimmest preoccupations in great number. I have laid these dark fascinations over top of all the more legitimate applications for the medium. For instance, some people view live webcams as a unique chance to viddy a different part of our world and pick up on the organic pulses and rhythms of another place. Still others see webcams as a chance to discuss the themes of Pablo Neruda’s work with furtive Peruvian teens in their underwear.

5 Horror Shorts to Shudder and Shock

If you are like me you love short films for their ability to take chances and maximize small budgets for impact. Below are 5 shorts that I found very memorable and better still they are all available to watch online... legally. They range from unapologetically profane to creepy fun; you can watch the whole lot in under 30 minutes and feel like you have had your decency undermined and, in at least one case, your lunch ruined.

Bloody Good Horror Picks the Best Horror Films of 2011

Troll Hunter

The votes have been tallied and the collective voice of Bloody Good Horror is ready to rule on the films that defined quality in 2011. We've been counting down each of our personal choices of the best and worst of the year for the last two weeks, and now we're ready to unleash the combined wisdom and love of horror on the world.

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