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DVD Releases for 7/15/2008

There's a running theme in this week's DVD Releases and it make make you feel a bit....crazy! But fear not, it's not that bad! With one major release and a handful of direct to video fare, the rental shelves offer enough to keep you busy for the mid-summer slump.


DVD Releases for 7/8/2008

With last week's anemic showing on the rental shelves, this week brings an entire plethora of horror, both good and bad! Settle back, pop some popcorn, it's time for the DVD Report!


Our only big name release for the week, The Ruins left many, including the BGH crew in Episode 22 thinking 'eh, not bad'. Now's your chance to find out your self. Myself? Color me curious.


Fear Itself 5 Review - Eater

This is a review of "Fear Itself" Episode #5

"The Ruins" Unrated DVD Contest!

From the Press Release:

DVD Releases of 7/1/2008

July 1st! It's not the official first day of summer, but by god it feels like it! As the heat climbs, us movie nerds tend to huddle into the air conditioned darkness of the living room. This week there's only 5 noteworthy horror releases so sit back, grab a beer and get ready for the week in DVD!


Fear Itself 4 Review - In Sickness...

This is a review for Fear itself Episode #4, titled "In Sickness and in Health", Directed by John Landis.

(Jon missed the ep last night and my TV broke so, here's Casey with your weekly rundown)

"In Sickness and In Health"; Maggie Lawson stars as a young bride getting ready for her big day, James Roday her groom to be. As she gets ready for the ceremony a note is delivered to the priest to be given to her. As she steps aside to read her note, a shadow is cast over her wedding day; the card reads, "The Person You are Marrying is a Serial Killer".

Double Feature: Monsters of Metal


Everyone has that pothead friend who, when he puffs some chronic, goes off on rambling tangents, describing ideas that he has movies that have no chance of ever being filmed, although, secretly, you wish that they would. It seems that from one of these THC-soaked diatribes that the wonderfully transcendent Hard Rock Zombies must have come from; it’s so utterly bizarre and unintentionally hilarious that someone must have been smoking something as they sat at the typewriter.

DVD Releases for 6/24/2008

The last couple of weeks have been light on the new release shelf, but this week we're treated to veritable fuck-ton of genre goodness to whet your appetite! With the upcoming holiday weekend you and your DVD player will not go unsatisfied! Or perhaps mostly satisfied and a little bit disgruntled as you ponder 'I skipped that cookout to watch this shit?'


Fear Itself 3 Review - Family Man

This is a review of "Fear Itself" Episode #3

Marriage Counseling by Monster

This is part 3 in the series, The Decade Long Stephen King Cinematic Orgy. Part 1, with an introduction is here, and part 2 is here. Spoilers ahead.

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