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Can Fringe Beat the FOX Curse?

In just a little less than a week, J.J Abrams' "Fringe" will make its American television debut on the FOX Network. Having caught the pilot episode early, I'm here with my thoughts in advance. Spoilers will be light, but I always like to give fair warning before hand.


Comics Creepshow 4: Halloween


DVD Releases for 8/26/2008

A light week in the video store this week, there's nothing much to milk your wallet. With only four titles, all but one a re-release, this week's DVD Report is quick and easy!


Nightmare Before Christmas Contest!

Courtesy of Walt Disney pictures, we have TWO copies of the new Collector's Edition of Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" to give away to our loyal readers. The disc is being released on Tuesday August 26th, 2008.

From the Press Release:

Finally released from the Disney vault, Academy Award®

Apocalypse Mixtape Part VIII: Contagium

As Mark pointed out in a recent blog post, every single one of us here at Bloody Good Horror has a deep and abiding love for zombies that only grows stronger as sub-par zombie movies, comic books and video games keep flooding the market. It's in that spirit that Apocalypse Mixtape comes clawing out of its grave in a stained undershirt and tightie-whities with an installment dedicated entirely to zombie songs. Hopefully this will help to tide you all over until Diary of the Dead 2 hits cinemas... well, goes direct to DVD. Do they still make VHS?

Comics Creepshow 3: Mark Millar Interview

COMICS CREEPSHOW VOL. 3: An Interview with Comics and Hollywood Superstar, Mark Millar, With A Brief Review of His Horror Comics

DVD Releases for 8/19/2008

While the numbers are low for the New Release Shelf this week, it's still a week to put a hurt on your bank account! With two noteworthy TV Series and a handful of other goodies, it's still a week worth checking out!


Comics Creepshow Vol 2

This week we've got the following titles on tap for the Comics Creepshow:




What a great week to start a column reviewing horror comics. Since, I normally don’t go looking specifically for horror comics on the stands, I was shocked to see how many come out week by week. There was more than enough books to write about. I figured I would save some of the ones I bought today for next weeks column.

Comics Creepshow Vol 1

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about comic books is that all comics are filled with muscle men in spandex, whipping out bad puns, as they beat each other to death. For many people, the world of comics is embodied by the old Batman TV show, staring Adam West.

DVD Releases for 8/12/08

This week on the video shelf gives a much welcome break to your wallet! Coming in light in comparison to the last few week's onslaught of low budget horror, this week provides more of the same; just less of it!


The Killing Gene stars Stellan Skarsgard and Selma Blair star in this serial killer crime thriller involving a mathematical maniac! I never did care for math.


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This week we discuss alchemy, camera technology, a first time guest host joins the show, and we review "As Above, So Below".  


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