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Comics Creepshow 8: Criminal Macabre


Last week I mentioned that both of the big Steve’s, Stephen King and Steve Niles, had comic book work coming out this month. For King, having his work translated into the comic book form is a major event. For Niles, a new comic coming out isn’t rare at all. Niles is one of the most prolific writers, not only in horror comics, but in comics in general. You may be familiar with his vampire saga, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, but Niles has a project even closer to his heart- CRIMINAL MACABRE.

A Misty Mundae Threefer

Starring Misty Mundae, William Hellfire, Joey Smack
Directed by William Hellfire
Factory 2000 / After Hours Cinema

On IMDB, the first three keywords for VAMPIRE STRANGLER are as follows: no budget, nudity, small breasts.

Yep, that about sums up the film.

DVD Releases for 9/23/2008

It's Tuesday and that means new DVD's! This week on the DVD shelf is short, but there's some titles worth checking out. Read on to find out more!


Comics Creepshow 7: Stephen King

The two big Steves have new comic book work coming out this month. I am of course referring to the most popular Horror novelist of our time, Stephen King and the most popular Horror comics writer of our time, Steve Niles. Both books have a lot to offer for fans of either writer.

DVD Releases for 9/16/2008

The new release shelf is packed with re-releases this week giving us all a chance to relive our childhoods, be it good or bad! One new release and six re-packs, strap on as we peruse the shelves!


Comics Creepshow 6: Cthulhu Madness


You Say Pyrokinesis, I Say Fire Porn

This is part five in the series, "The Decade Long Stephen King Cinematic Orgy." For more, see the posts on "Children of the Corn", with an introduction to the series, "Christine", "Cujo", and "

DVD Releases for 9/9/08

After a few anemic weeks on the new release shelf, this week we're loaded up with re-releases and direct to video goodness!

[inline:child's play.jpg]

Can you believe it's been twenty years already? This week sees the uber special anniversary edition of Child's Play, promising a new master of the flick, plus all sorts of new extras! Be sure to check out Horror Hound #10 for Eric's own contribution to the twentieth birthday celebration!

Comics Creepshow 5: The Walking Dead

I really wanted to hold off reviewing THE WALKING DEAD, after reading my previous entries and finding that I have yet to trash a book. It has all been high praise for the past month, and writing about Robert Kirkman’s zombie epic was just going to be more ass kissing to the creators, and lots and lots of “this is why you should be reading this book” moments. Unfortunately, whenever there is a holiday on a Monday, New Comic Book Day gets pushed back to Thursdays.

DVD Releases for 9/2/2008

It's September and that means the end of summer! Now that we've all took in our last barbecue's for the year, it's time to start building the burrow for the winter hibernation! What better way to pass the long cold fall away than with bulking up the video stocks with this week's new releases!


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