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Comics Creepshow 12: Ghost Rider

The creation of a quality horror comics today, is very similar to the process the creators of “classic” horror films from the 1980’s followed. This is according to a conversation Tim Seeley, creator of HACK/SLASH, had on the most recent episode of the ‘Around Comics’ pod cast. To paraphrase Seeley, he said that the most famous of horror films from the 80’s and 90’s were all independent made films. He listed ‘Friday The Thirteenth”, “Halloween” and “Re-Animator” as examples.

DVD Releases for 10/21/2008

It's time for a whimsical walk down the New DVD aisle once again! This week we have the major release of "The Strangers" plus a handful of nostalgia that we should actually be excited about for a change!


Comics Creepshow 11: Marvel Zombies!

Who would have thought, three years ago, that one of Marvel’s most successful franchises would focus on zombiefied super heroes, searching for innocent victims to munch on?

Strangers Halloween Giveaway!

Just in time for the season we have 2 prize packs from "The Strangers" that are sure to make this Halloween one to remember!

Here's what Schnaars had to say back in May when "The Strangers" was initially released:

Anticipatory Dead Space Review

Dead Space came out today.

The question remains: Why don't I have it?

Perhaps you should call Game Stop, Wal Mart, Target, FYE, Best Buy, and Blockbuster, like I did. On a sushi-fueled, iPhone aided trip around the greater Rochester area I learned that, despite the press release we got today, and the countless reviews that I've read online, that I apparently was wrong.

DVD Releases for 10/14/2008

This week's DVD shelf is filled with direct to video goodness and box sets galore. Well, two box sets anyways. Regardless, there's a whole plethora of horror and exploitation just waiting to be inserted firmly into your DVD player!

[inline:brotherhood of blood.jpg]

Sid Haig and Ken Foree star in Brotherhood of Blood, a story about vampire hunters infiltrating a vampires nest to rescue one of their own! Vampires are over done but Haig and Foree on screen together is always a welcome sight!

[inline:dance of the dead.jpg]

Comics Creepshow 10: City of Dust

Steve Niles, Master Horror Comic Scribe, has been churning out book after book in the past two months. First off, was CRIMINAL MACABRE: CELL BLOCK 666, which was reviewed in Comics Creepshow 8. There were also his two Gotham city based books, BATMAN: GOTHAM AT MIDNIGHT and SIMON DARK. EPILOGUE, his new miniseries about a man turned into a vampire, who has decided to use his supernatural abilities to fight crime, was another possible candidate for review here, but I chose another book for this week’s column.

Jack Brooks Monster Slayer Contest!

It's that time again folks, contest time! This week we're giving away 5 copies of Jack Brooks Monster Slayer on DVD. Haven't heard of Jack Brooks? Check the specs from the press release:

DVD Releases for 10/7/2008

Well folks, I think I failed you last week and forgot to bring in the DVD love! Last week was full of chaos at the Casey Compound, so little room was left for writing. Now though, we're back so hang on tight cause we have a big load of DVD releases to give you!


M. Night Shyamalan casts Marky Mark as a science teacher! How much closer to horror can you get? This far fetched tale of a cataclysmic event was panned by many when it hit the theaters; if you missed it then now's your chance to pan it too!


Comics Creepshow 9: Dead Space


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