Heroes Season 3... thus far

We are 3 episodes into Heroes' third season. I was nervous going in as I was unsure what to expect after the season 2 finale. I suppose I still have mixed feelings.

Heroes debuted last week with 2 back to back episodes. 2 episodes I didn't write about because, to be frank, I wasn't impressed. It just seemed to be more of the same and that annoyed me. Someone dies, oh wait no they didn't; it's a formula that is getting way to old for me. To a certain extent it's also only serving to desensitize viewers. How upset am I supposed to get when a character meets his end? The show has taught me he is bound to pop up a few episodes down the line.

I waited to pass judgment until I saw this weeks installment. In my opinion it was a return to form for the show. I'm pleased with that. I mean, as pleased as I can be because it is still up to some of it's old predictable tricks. I won't get into any specifics. I highly suggest watching the first 3 on hulu if you've missed them. I'm curious to see how the "Villains" arch plays out. Thus far they are doing a great job at keeping all the characters moderately ambiguous. Also, true to form, they keep just enough characters around to almost be aggravating. It keeps it fresh though. I really don't think I could handle a Mohinder heavy show.

By the end of this season I hope they mix things up and really try to surprise viewers. I want them to keep me on my toes! But so far it has quickly hooked me... yet again.

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