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Most thunderstorms are scary. They're even scarier when every time it storms, some fat kid climbs out of your basement in a mask and hacks up your family, such as in the tale of Basement Jack.

I reviewed this stinker just a few weeks back and well... it wasn't a pleasant experience.

Okay, stick with me here. Franklyn is the story of four lost souls divided by two parallel worlds who's fates will be decided by one single bullet. Not sure that helps influence your decision to watch it, but I do know it gives me a headache.

A young mother takes to stripping to raise money for baby food, only to find out that strip club customers aren't really the straight and narrow type.

Though it isn't on IMDb yet, Tainlight has some low budget pedigree behind it and a kickass title! Directed by Chris Seaver, if you've seen the likes of "Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker" or "Terror at Blood Fart Lake", you know exactly what you're in for!

Other than sounding like a title Eli Roth dreamed up in elementary school, Thankskilling sounds just as bad as you would expect. A killer turkey? Bring it on.

I could go on and spit out a couple quips about this Park Chan-wook vampire movie, but John Shelton has already summed it up quite nicely in his review, so why not go read that?

The tagline reads "This Party is going to suck!" Ha ha, that's a good one! I bet Vampire Party sucks just as bad as its tagline.

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